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Hearing my voice first thing in the morning, can be a dream come true, or your worst nightmare. I may sound sweet and innocent, but that come hither voice will have you doing things you'd be ashamed to tell even your closest friends - once I've snatched you out of dreamland. There are two times, when the mind is at its most vulnerable: One, is when you're drifting off to sleep, but you're not quite there yet; the other would be the flipside of that, when you're half in - half out of consciousness, but not yet fully awake.

Just imagine the chaos my voice could cause, first thing in the morning. A ringing phone immediately followed by a voice that makes your cock twitch. And when it's all over, and you're wide awake, you will wonder if you dreamt that wake up call, or if it really happened. Talk about a mind fuck.

Here's where things get a little twisted. I could decide to show you a kindness, and stroke you to life, and maybe even allow you a release from that morning wood. Or... I could shroud you in darkness, and make you do unspeakable things to yourself... and then disappear without a trace. There are sooo many ways I can torment you, without ever touching your cock.

Which Brighton do you want to wake up to? Sweet and sexy, or dark and twisted?